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piFAQ is a simple script that will help you to create (and manage) FAQ page on your site. It is based on PHP, MySQL and FastTemplate so it's fast and easy in configuration. Learn more at projects SourceForge page.

25 December 2003
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
And it is happy day for all you guys who loves piFAQ. piFAQ Lite 1.0 released. After 1,5 year of testing :-)

24 December 2003
I'v made a diff for class.FastTemplate.php file. Use it if you have the same bug.

03 November 2003
It was a long pause. Really long. But piFAQ will live :-) So, if anyone wants to help me with developing or translations or design etc. email me please. I will be very glad.

25 December 2002
Marry christmas :-)

21 December 2002
Our forum doesn't work any more. If you have a problems. Please contact with me by e-mail or you can use sourceforges project forum.

Oh... About 3 monthes ago someone have sent me an Indonasian path for pifaq... Unfortunately I have lost it :-( If the sender is reading this now... I'm asking him to contact with me :-)

07 November 2002
Hi everyone. I am sorry for a long sleeping. But I am very busy now and I have no time for piFAQ. So, if you like this little program and want to help me with it... i'll be very surprised! ;-)
P.S The program can die...

29 August 2002 (night :-)
Demo of piFAQ Lite v1.0rc1 avalible here. Waiting for your comments.

29 August 2002
piFAQ Lite v1.0rc1 relised. This is a first relise candidate :-) You can download and test it. And PLEASE send me your comments (or leave it in forum). I need to know peoples opinion. Demo will be availible soon.

27 August 2002
Wont to hear your comments about my last post in Forum. :-) I need to know your opinion.

21 July 2002
piFAQ-0.0.3 relised! Sorry for a long pause :-) Now you can change a position of questions etc. you can read more in CAHNGES file (try to find it in tarboll :-). Demo is already avalible here. And you can download it here. Hope to see your comments about new version in our forum :-) Good Luck!

01 May 2002
I don't like those forums that SourceForge expects us to use :-) So I've start our own forums. Feel free to ask your questions and help each other. And I recomend to all peoples who use piFAQ to register at forums. I'll email all registred users about news in piFAQ.

22 April 2002
Demo version of piFAQ 0.0.2-1 is now available here. I am sorry for a late... but I'm very busy now. I will stop working on piFAQ for about month (till I'll done all my job).
But I need a design for script and if someone can help me with it it'll be great.
By the way I have change my email address to pi(at)

11 March 2002
piFAQ 0.0.2-1 relised. Nothing new, just securety bugs fixed. Download it from SourceForge. Demo coming soon, as usual :-)

28 February 2002
Found some securety errors in piFAQ. I strongly recommend you to update your pifaq. Here is a diff for version 0.0.2 and here is for 0.0.1.

21 February 2002
I've add some documentation about redesigning piFAQ. You can read it here.

19 February 2002 (Evening)
Demo version of piFAQ-0.0.2 avalible here. Use login: admin and passwoord: admin to add/edit questions.

19 February 2002 (Early morning)
piFAQ-0.0.2 relised. You can download it from SourceForge. Changes: Known bugs fixed and now you can EDIT questions. I'll create a demo in few days.
And we are working on design now :-)

15 February 2002
Demo version of piFAQ-0.0.1 now avalible here. Use login: admin and passwoord: admin to add/edit questions.

14 February 2002
I've relised the piFAQ-0.0.1 (This date will be a birthday of piFAQ :-). You can download it from SourceForge.

13 February 2002
I'm prepearing the first relise now.

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